Customer Service Week 2nd – 6th October

Customer Service Week is 2nd – 6th October. The week started in the United States in the 1990s and is increasingly being celebrated globally. It is an opportunity to highlight how serious the Shopping Centre is about customer service.

The Centre Manager, George Wesson and his colleague Linda will be starting the week with a meeting with all staff to emphasise the continued importance of customer service, remembering that our customers are not just the public but also our retailers and even our colleagues.

Staff will be encouraged to show extra vigilance during the week to go the extra mile. They will also spend one day during the week as a mall cleaner and another day as an additional car park attendant, to get a better feel for the work the staff do and also to be more approachable to customers. George will be wearing a hi-viz with centre manager on the back, so keep an eye out for him!